Glass recycling installations and machinery

The properties of glass vary from round to flat and from colorless glass to green and brown glass. Despite the difference, glass is a material that suffers little from quality loss during the recycling process. For all types, less energy is required for recycling than for producing it from raw materials, which is the main benefit.

With the combination of crushing, separating, sorting, and conveying technology, Bezner engineers a modern and profitable glass recycling installation for container glass, according to your requirements. For example, we consider the grain size which is important to sensor-based sorting of the cullets.

Our installations recover any remaining metals during recycling and convert any type or variation of glass into high-quality raw materials for glass processing industries such as new glass, fiberglass, and reinforcement of materials used in the construction industry.

You can find more information about Bezner products to recover valuable materials on our products page.

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