From bottom ash of incinerated waste to recycled materials

At Bezner we use bottom ash recycling equipment. Worldwide, collected municipal solid waste is incinerated to obtain energy and reduce the depletion of fossil fuels. The combustion of this waste in an incinerator results in a non-combustible residue which is called bottom ash.

Bottom ash contains a high quantity of valuable metals. With a particular combination of separating and conveying treatment, valuable metals such as gold, silver, tin, copper, and aluminium can be retrieved and re-used as raw materials. Also, bottom ash is processed as recycled aggregates in, for example, concrete and the foundation of roads and highways.

More of bottom ash recycling equipment

If you require more information on the treatment of slag from waste incineration or the recovery of non-ferrous and ferrous metals, we refer to our sister company Recco Non Ferro Metals. Otherwise, you can find more information about Bezner products to recover valuable materials from bottom ash on our products page.

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